About Rovena Stefa

Rovena Stefa, born in Fier, Albania, is one of the most popular pop singers in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania. The song Djalo ti me ben magji (Djalo You Make Magic), catapulted Rovena into stardom back in 2002. The 33 year old superstar, born on April 27, 1979, impressed both local and foreign newspapers with her amazing voice, magnetic sex appeal and her views on sex -- which come through in her songs and music videos.

Her first album, entitled Bie debore (Falling Snow), had seen a lot of success in Greece, Kosovo, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Macedonia and Italy (Rovena had toured in these countries -- where her song Me ben magji (Makes Me Spell) was very popular). The album Bie debore went on to become the number 1 album (in sales) for a number of years.

Her follow up albums, namely Paraja (Money) and Dasma (Wedding), had proven equally successful, cementing her position as one of the biggest superstars in Albanian Music. Rovena Stefa is also one of a few Albanian music artists to have completed a university degree.



  • 2002: "Bie debore" (Falling Snow)
  • 2003: "Paraja" (Money)
  • 2004: "Dasma" (Wedding)
  • 2006: "Llokum" (Plum)
  • 2008: "Lum e Lum"


  • 2005: "Mos thuaj" (Do Not Say) with Blero
  • 2007: "Per nje kafe" (For A Coffee) with Altin Shira
  • 2007: "Xhelozia" (Jealousy) with Duli
  • 2008: "Potpuri popullore" (Potpourri Popular) with Shpat Kasapi
  • 2009: "Rrofte Shqipja dhe Vata" (Long Live Eagle And Vata)


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